refund policy

 In the event that you need to cancel class once registered the following refund policy shall apply:

  1. If you notify us a minimum of eight weeks in advance of your class we will refund you half of the class deposit. (The class deposit is the stated deposit on our website not including any discounts applied to the class deposit).

  2. If you notify us less than eight weeks prior to class start you shall not be refunded unless we can fill your place in class with another student. If your place is filled you will receive tuition paid minus half the class deposit.

For healing 1 students only:

  1. If a healing 1 student chooses to drop out between the first and second class of the school year, the student will be responsible for the deposit and one quarter of the tuition, if additional funds have been paid they will be refunded. If the student drops class after the second class no refunds will be applied.