primalpsychology shelter

What did the ancients know, and how did they perceive us from a psychological perspective? 

The system of primalpsychology is hundreds of years older than our modern psychology. Based on its framework, we say: when you can predict someone’s behavior, you then understand their psychology. This understanding of psychology that predicts behavior is still accessible through age-old, earth-related modes of communication.

In this class we recognize two main communication methods in the shelter series, tension and pressure. We explore these two communicators as they apply to your internal, external, identity, and bridge. The language of this psychology is the language of tracking, so we work with reading your psychology and exploring how that psychology is translated through your physical body. Then, ultimately, we determine how your psychology is reflected in your track, your history. 

If you want to explore who you are and how your psychology affects the way you or your clients make choices, please join us in this core level class. Once you learn the language of shelter, the world of primalpsychology opens for you and you can begin exploring this psychological system through the lenses of balance, bridge, or edge classes.


Only 15 spaces left!


This is the only shelter class scheduled to run in the 2020 calendar year.


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Class   May 30 - June 1, 2020 in Asheville, NC

Class Fees

Paid in Full: $600
Payment Plan: $650

Class size will be limited to 36 students.
Class minimum is 22 students. 

Payment Plan

Deposit        $325    At Registration

Payment 1    $325  April 1, 2020

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