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Identity turns to Edge turns to veil.

In this class we will look at our primalpsychology through the lens of edge. In our physical and primal, our edge is constructed of all the events of our lives. Many of us identify ourselves by these events. Our job as healers is to interpret the events so we can understand our clients and how they see themselves through the lens which they see the world. 

Where is your physical edge? Many of us don’t have a good feel for where our edge actually is. We will explore our body’s perception of edge and bring that into relationship to our Core. 

In our tracks we will explore the track wall in relationship to the internal and external.  If we look at the relationship of our Core to both our bodies and the Earth, the track has much to tell us about the disturbance we leave behind us in our history.  During the class, we will look at the role of our Core, how it works with the internal and external to create edge, and how our choices affect the disturbance we create.


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Paid in Full: $500

Class size will be limited to 22 students

Class minimum is 16 students

 Class Dates and Location

November 8 - 10, 2019. Asheville, NC

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