February 29, 2020

Many of us focus on what we are doing or perhaps on how we choose to create our lives, but few of us dive into why we make the choices we make. Can we explore this territory of why we do things, instead of only looking at what we choose each day?

In general, the whats of our life are our ‘to do’ lists. What tasks do we need to accomplish today? The tasks eventually become events and then quickly make up the entirety of our day. Many of us can form addictions to our daily lists and focus on completing the tasks at hand. If we look at the what through the lens of the philosophy of choice, NIA-to’, we see the what of life as both the physical and primal worlds. Most people never look past the what of life. What do I want? What do I need to do? What do I want to create? From this place, we stay in the physical realm.

If we dive belowthe what, we find the how. How do I want to accomplish these tasks? How do I want to create what I want? If we are working with the how, we are working in the realms of spirit, the realms of the relational. We start seeing what we are doing from the relational and realize we will need to interact in some form of a relationship in order to manifest the how of our world.

If we look a bit deeper, we find ourselves within the void, or within pure potential, and we start to ask, why? When working within the why, we have not decided how we hope to accomplish anything because we are working in the void before there is a perception of an outcome. The why will be closely tied to our vision or the why that holds our entire life together. How do we work within pure potential? To navigate in the void, we need to ask questions that will create both the structure and flow in our lives, eventually leading us to the spiritual and primal realms.

So, what if we turned this entire what, how, and why inside out and began working from why first? Why do we exist? Then, how do we want to live? And finally, what do we want to do about it? If the what in our life is not aligned with our why, where are we making choices from?

So, why are we here? Well, the choice is ours.


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