October 1, 2018

Welcome to the wildernessFusion blog. In this first post you will find my outline of hopes and aspirations for this new blog space. 

The purpose of the wildernessFusion blog is to teach.

Specifically, it is to teach the philosophy, psychology, and mythology that underlie everything we do at wildernessFusion. These three foundational elements are worlds within themselves, and I can only hope that each future blog post will help you map the vast territory these worlds encompass.

This patchwork of posts will slowly begin to overlap, and as it does, each post should provide you with a series of doorways to discover even more material. As this blog evolves, we will provide you with sidebar study guides to help you navigate specific topics and territories that emerge. We have also created a sort function, which may seem unnecessary today; however, as information grows, this search ability will give you another tool for studying the material. 

My hope is to provide you with a study guide of all that has been passed down, including the NIASZIIH perspective, the healer's perspective of how to incorporate this material. I know there will be times when you will be frustrated with the pace at which this material is released. However, please be patient as we occupy this place of teaching in a written format. I am not a trained writer and I find it frustrating at times to convey to you this material in writing. I thank Ann Hampton for editing. I know the readers of this blog will be thankful as well.

In the future I hope to include insights from the teachers of wildernessFusion as well as from teachers who are not part of this community. They can provide you with unique perspectives that I could never hope to convey. 

My aspirations transcend the written word, so we are moving toward both video and audio content. That content will open new territory not only for the people who read this blog, but also for those who prefer to learn material in a different format. If you are interested in the progress we are making with our video and audio content, please subscribe to the wildernessFusion newsletter, and we will keep you up to date on this journey. 

I hope you find this blog useful.


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