Tracking and Awareness

January 15, 2021

How does this philosophy see tracking and awareness? If we imagine a track as a change in a baseline and awareness as the space between questions (between tracks), we can see the interesting relationship between these two entities. 

Can we see the tracks and start to read the awareness between those tracks?

We have at least seven ways of seeing a track. Each tracking system is a way to filter the information in and around the track so we can actually start to “read” the track. If we are not able to filter, we see all the information at the same time and are not able to discern the signs and symbols in the track. As an example, can we see the micro or macro pressure releases in the track and filter out the flow pressure releases? The ability to filter is one of the most important skills or tools in a tracker’s toolbox.

When we apply these same filtering tools to awareness, we are setting ourselves up to miss information, or to miss awareness. We filter out information, and at times add information that is not even there, because of the way we are filtering or choosing to perceive. When we apply a filter to our awareness, we miss so much information that we tend to see only what we have always seen, real or imagined.

In this philosophy, these filters are called veils. When we step into this philosophy and become it, we start to understand how we filter. We begin to see where a veil is helping and where it is strangling our awareness. So how many filters or veils can we see through? Can we silence them when they are hindering our awareness? Our veils are vital. We want to see what is there, but in contradiction, they also hinder our awareness.

The way to move within the track and awareness is to have the ability to use the filters when they help and to silence the filters when they hinder. Then the art of tracking and awareness becomes knowing what helps and what hinders. 

This is what we are moving towards.


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