The simple truth

October 28, 2019

At the center of all things is the simple truth.  This is at the core of what we teach at wildernessFusion. If you are moving towards truth, you find simplicity. If you are moving away from truth, things become complicated.

In this blog I want to take this a step further. What is truth? Most of us are programmed to believe that the more complicated something is, the more value it has. Can we let go of this belief and allow for the discomfort of simplicity? 

It is my understanding you need more than one reference point to navigate towards truth. Let me tell you a story. I was teaching a class in Belize and a very persistent student asked the following question, “How do we navigate in spirit?” I asked a question in return, “How do you navigate in the physical?” He replied, “I don’t care about the physical, I want to know about spirit.” Finally exasperated he blurts out, “You need three reference points to navigate in the physical.” I replied “Well you need seven points to navigate in spirit.” 

People can easily walk in circles when lost. We need points of reference to orient ourselves on the journey.  It is like the saying, “you are always right when you track alone”.  When left to our own devices, we can easily convince ourselves of just about anything.  We need perspectives outside of ourselves to begin to understand what is real.

You may rightfully ask, how is this story moving towards simplicity? Maybe you have a hard time occupying one perspective, let alone three or seven. It may feel that seven seems much more complicated than three or one. However, you are focused on the belief that more perspectives brings about more complexity. We cannot ever see the truth from one vantage point. The reality is, the more perspectives we can see something from, the closer to the truth we are getting. More perspectives are not necessarily equal to more complexity.

Let me be clear about something: to find the truth, follow simplicity.  However, simplicity is rarely easy. If you see someone make something look simple, I will guarantee that they have spent thousands of hours perfecting their craft to make it look that way. Work and complexity are very different. 

So if you are journeying for truth, my suggestion is to look for as many diverse viewpoints as you can manage, especially if those view points contradict each other. And then after allowing all these perspectives to move through you, you will begin to glance the truth. 

Are you seeking truth or ease?


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