Psychology: a different perspective

February 14, 2020

At wildernessFusion, we define psychology as the difference between the internal and external.

If we consider that everything inside of us is our internal and that everything outside of us is the external, then our psychology is the space in between.  Everything that moves from our internal to our external (or vice versa), moves through our filters.  Do these filters shift and change or are they stagnant?

Here we look at psychology through the lens of the healer and the philosophy of choice.  We see psychology as a movement through, and this perspective changes everything.

Let me explain.

Can we begin to see the pattern in how we make choices and embrace our responsibility in creating our lives? If we claim our choices, we also need to claim our responsibility. This is where many of us immobilize ourselves in order to avoid this reality.  The grief may be more than we can allow. Can we see how much choice we truly have?

Next is seeing these choices through the lens of the healer. Can we make contact in each moment, see many perspectives, and realize that our patterns of choice are not choices at all? What we need to move towards is the realization of how and why we make the choices we make. How do the events and relationships of our lives influence our choices? How do we silence these events and relationships when necessary? Can we turn our potential choices into the ‘why’ — the vision — of our lives?

Seen from these perspectives, psychology is an action.  It is movement across our identities, our edges, and our veils. These filters need to become dynamic.  Can we make choice with an awareness of the filters that hold us and move away from fixed ways of being? It is here that psychology becomes a verb and we start to see our actions within the framework of how and why we make the choices we make.  It is here we are able to see the patterns in our choices and choose something different.  It is here we are able to make choices based on what we desire to create, instead of recreating the past.

Ready to take responsibility for your life?


The psychologies of wildernessFusion:

primalpsychology -  psychology from the viewpoint of the primal.

presencepsychology - psychology from the viewpoint of spirit, or the relational.

voidpsychology - psychology from the viewpoint of void or pure potential.

visionpsychology - psychology from the viewpoint of vision.

soulpsychology - psychology from the viewpoint of soul, or the intersection of creator and your present reality.

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