power of place

February 12, 2021

The reality within this philosophy tells us there are many ways to describe how much place can change a perspective.  We have a continuum of how we describe place.  Power of place moves to place of power, which moves to…….

How can place change a perspective? Let’s explore its power. wildernessFusion’s definition of power is, “the capacity or ability to move a perspective.” I am hoping this has stopped you in your tracks. 

Let me offer you a couple of examples.

-She stood in her power-

Her perspective has moved from the external to herself.

-The truck is powered by the 6.2 liter engine-

Is the source of the truck’s power its engine? Or is it its fuel? From what perspective is movement coming? Has the fuel changed its perspective after being ignited in the engine? 

You may have a negative association with the word power. May I suggest the way to see the definition of power is to take on a neutral association with it and realize that a movement of perspective can be positive or negative depending on your perspective? The real issue may lie in how you are regarding the power of influence, both the influence you are having on others and the influence others are having on you.

So, again, how can place change your perspective? If you walk into a new landscape that is not your baseline landscape, you will have a change in perspective. If you walk into a new landscape like the Grand Canyon and it expands your perspective with great emotion, then this place has power. Please understand that from this philosophy’s perspective, the emotion is a communicator and empowers the change in perspective. 

The more perspectives place can hold, the more power it has. If place holds contradictory perspectives, it also has more power. So, by its nature, place that has become a source (or sources), has more power than place that only changes perspective. 

Are you ready to become a place of power?


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