September 6, 2019

When you read this blog please keep in mind that sometimes focus is not what is needed for understanding. Even understanding can be an obstacle.  Can you allow the mystery to just be present? In our world today we have instantaneous answers literally at our fingertips;  what would it be like to move away from the left linear way of thinking and into this place of questions and the unknown.  I invite you to begin to feel into the oneness.  I invite you to feel into the space in between.  Can you just explore that space? - The Editor


So let me tell you a story…….

Over three days in January 2013 I had a conversation with Tom Brown Jr. (founder of the Tracker school, and source of wildernessFusion lineage) about the healing philosophy called NIASZIIH.

Karl - What does NIASZIIH mean?

Tom - It’s related to nia cu’ but a more expansive and embracing form of the to’

Karl - How does this relate to healing and the healer?

Tom - Yes and calling of the spirits.  Remember the third stanza of the song.

Karl - Not sure what to’ is ……Ok oneness The to’

Tom - Exactly

I suspect for many of you the words above mean absolutely nothing. It may sound like a foreign language or that I am speaking in code. I am giving you the conversation above verbatim because it is important. It took me over twenty years to speak this language and I am still learning.  However, these are just the fixed points in a much larger conversation. How do you quantify the conversation between these fixed points?

So let’s begin with The to’ - oneness.

The only way to decode this conversation is to understand oneness. To enter the oneness, you need to enter the place beyond your own identities and move to a place where creator can speak directly to Creation. What is this place? How do we move from soul? Well that is the journey, the place you discover before you find yourself back in the place of the child.

What is nia cu’? It is the place of creator or the place of multiple creators in many spheres. It is a trilogy that needs to be fused to find the 10th power.  It is the place of fusion. More code within code; how do you know this means anything?

So let me unravel some of this code: What if you create everything in your world? And let’s say the fusion points in our body are called creator.  If you can move from these places of creator, bringing these places together in one place, then you have reached the place of the 10th power. From here you have entered the mysterious world of oneness. From here you can see why wildernessFusion has its name.  From here you have stepped into the place between the words, between the stories and into the world that the Tracker and the Healer can talk. It is a vessel, a psychology, and an identity that is more expansive than just nia cu’.

More expansive, this is the place of the scout - shaman. It comes from the story of a man, Stalking Wolf, who wandered for 63 years. This is a language, a place I strive to teach.  This is a place that requires you to walk through mystery and into silence.  This is a place we can all get to.



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