June 19, 2020

I have been deeply affected by the events over the last several weeks.  As everything moves through me, my intention is to communicate clearly and move towards healing. I began by reading a blog post to the healing 5, 6, and 7 classes. I was contemplating a post about George Floyd and contradiction. Although this piece was an important step in my journey of understanding, it is not the message I chose to send. 

George Floyd’s murder was not the beginning of this story. It was preceded by countless abuses and murders. The events of the last few days show it is not the end of senseless death. This is the start of a meaningful conversation within the wildernessFusion community about race, diversity, and generational trauma.

Racism is not something that is outside of ourselves.  It is within our bodies, within the fabric of our beings, and within each choice, we make consciously or unconsciously. Here are the first steps we will begin to look at.  

  • We will begin a dialogue to discuss racism, abuse, and how we work with these issues as healers. The first step is education.  I know for myself I am woefully undereducated. We will be scheduling a Livestream event to begin this dialogue in the days ahead.
  • We will start to look at the choices we’ve made as an organization and root out any racism we missed due to a lack of awareness.
  • We will begin to run clinics before our healing classes. We will do what we are best at and BE healers. We will reach out to people of color in our communities and ask if they would like to join us as we work together to heal.
  • We will begin an investigation of our bodies and how they are different. We will look at how we each carry this trauma differently, and how every healing is contextual to the individual we are working with. 

For all of our black students and clients, I want to say I am sorry for not seeing this issue sooner. I am humbled that you chose to be a part of this community.  I also know that each of you holds a unique perspective and individual traumas. Please know all races, genders, identities, religions... all differences are welcome here at wildernessFusion. In fact, it is what makes us vibrant and alive. Let us all unite and heal these wounds and become stronger from it.


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