Creating the circle of the quest

October 23, 2020

A simple circle brings about endless questions. I could talk about this symbol for days. It’s a symbol that represents so much in this philosophy, and its importance should not be underestimated. I would like to look at the circle from the perspective of a quest and note that a circle begins and ends in the same place.

A quest is different from a search because it draws awareness into its internal through the filter of a question or questions. A search goes out, while a quest pulls things in. It is this act of creating an internal that defines the space within the question, or quest, and moves you towards place and vision. If you cannot draw a circle and encompass your awareness, you will never be able to create the sphere of vision.

Can you take a simple question, turn it into a story, and have the beginning of that story meet the end?  Can the story meet the intention that the encircling naturally creates? I know that many of you are saying to yourselves, “He is talking in circles again. Can he just get to the point?” But it is this act of talking in circles that brings awareness.  If I draw a straight line, I just get from one point to the next and have only gained awareness between the two points. However, if I start to search around my quest, I not only begin to encompass awareness, but also encourage the actual shape of my quest to appear. The dimension of it is brought to life through highlights and shadows that start to emerge.

Once you walk the question over and over, a simple question becomes an edge.  From this movement and communication, a place is born. This communication becomes the filter or veil that defines your perspective.  The journey of this quest brings about a place of rich territory. This edge must ultimately be surrendered, so that you can see once again without your filter.  

So where do you draw the circle of your quest? How does the question you are asking become the filter that brings new clarity? You must abandon the desire to shield yourself from the truth as you search. Can you find yourself on a search for a new quest and allow the cycle of the story to unfold?

What is your question?


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