create miracles

January 17, 2020

Why does wildernessFusion exist? We exist to create miracles. It is what drives everything we do at wildernessFusion. How do we decode the idea of creating miracles and make it a little more tangible?

Let’s start by defining each of these words.


To bring into existence.


Mystery manifested.

Lesson number one in decoding these definitions is to understand that we do not capitalize ‘create’ or ‘miracles’. In the language of wildernessFusion, if we capitalize a word, we create a different meaning. We use capitalization as a tool for designating the origin. For example, in the definition of miracle, ‘Mystery’ is capitalized. This tells us we are working from the viewpoint of Creation, not from the viewpoint of creator, or the spark of Creation that we each have at our center.  

From this perspective, to create miracles is literally to bring Mystery into existence. 

I do not want to live in a world that does not have mystery. The world becomes very flat when there is no mystery. That does not mean I do not want to dive below the very threshold of my awareness and bring things out of mystery. But can we expand our awareness of the landscapes that surround us while allowing for the Mystery of how Creation manifests?

At wildernessFusion we move towards the realization that we create everything in our lives. This may be difficult to understand, especially if we do not want to take responsibility for our choices. When we begin to understand that each choice we make creates the life we live, it frees us up to live the life we want to live, versus being a victim of our creations.

Ready to find Mystery? Ready to understand your choices?  Let’s explore this territory together over the next few months and see what unfolds.

What are you choosing to create?


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