May 10, 2019

Can you feel how balance is constantly moving? Is balance even possible without movement?  

If we take this movement within, can we see how balance itself becomes a doorway to our vision? How do we experience movement in our internal? We need awareness of our choices.  When we can claim the many choice points and allow them to intersect, we begin the journey into creator. This journey allows our choices to become the very weave of our visions.

Many of us see our vision as a point of focus. What would happen if we allowed our vision to become a landscape? What if this landscape was woven of choices, not only from the choices we have committed to but also from the choices we have not yet made? If we allow our vision to become fluid, we can begin to explore our movement and our balance.

Can we balance preparation, journey and vision so these become our NOW? When the soul intersects with our present identities we walk or fall into the next moment allowing mystery to catch us. This is balance. This is dancing with mystery. 

fall - surrender, 

step - move, 

stand - commit, 


Can we let this movement become the rhythm of the NOW and find ourselves amazed to be falling in love with sacred ground? The earth becomes the stability that allows for our movement, and then movement itself becomes the stability. When the physical reveals itself as pure movement, spirit can manifest and our truth can be revealed. 

Can you move? Where are you stuck? When you let all parts of your physical reality move, when you can master balance, you can then walk the razor’s edge of oneness.


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