March 29, 2019

This month we have had our first classes at our new home in western NC. I have to admit it has given me incredible pleasure to watch students interact with this new landscape. The land seems to invite the students, and the students seem to encourage the land to become more of itself.

There are hundreds if not thousands of projects that need to be dreamed of and eventually turned into physical changes to the land. We have started slowly exploring the existing paths and edges. Understanding the ecosystem that exists and what its potential is. Discovering the old well, and finding a spring.  

Over the next few years we will turn our dreams into plans. However for today we are quite content in wandering, discovering and cleaning up things left by previous inhabitants. 

Yes, we know the driveway gets muddy and some parking arrangement is required. Even so we know that the old logging roads will become access for our students and their clients. But today we observe the seasons and the natural flow of the land. We meet our neighbors and rest in this baseline shift of wildernessFusion. 

My dream is that with each footfall on the landscape, with care-taking and time we will see what the land wants to become. We will then create a place where our school can live in harmony with what has been, what is becoming, and what is here right now. 

We look forward to walking this landscape with you.


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