Want to be a healer?

January 31, 2020

At wildernessFusion, a healer is defined as a person who makes contact and changes someone’s perspective. 

There are many different forms of healing work.  At wildernessFusion, we choose to bring in aspects of both teacher and healer. We do not want to just make contact and work on the issue, we want to help each other see the places outside of our awareness and show how to make a different choice. At some point in the journey, we’ve all had a teacher who changed the course of our lives. What if we, as a species, could become aware of how much influence we truly have on each other?

A NIASZIIHhealer is someone who feels called to caretake others. The focus is not on self, it is beyond. Compassion and empathy cannot be taught. If a person is self-centered, it is almost impossible to teach real contact with someone in need. It is easy for us, as healers, to not take care of ourselves because our own needs are secondary to our passion for helping others.  If we choose this path, we need to be vigilant about including our own health as a vital part of our journey.

A NIASZIIHhealer is someone who is wounded.In the past, who was the healer in a tribe?  It was the person who was most wounded.  It was someone, for example, who was blinded at a young age or one who experienced the greatest tragedy. Unfortunately, today, we are all wounded enough to be healers. This wounding lets us work within vulnerability and empathy. It does not mean vulnerability comes easily to us. If we are going to make contact with someone who is ill, we need to find common ground or walk in the place that they are walking. Personally, I have found that for real healing to happen, vulnerability is a requirement, and I thank Brene Brown for her work with vulnerability.  With more awareness of this mentality, teaching becomes much easier. 

A NIASZIIHhealer is someone who can make real contact. The way we make contact is unique to each of us. You cannot be the healer that I am, and I cannot be the healer that you are.  We each make contact differently. How do you claim the way you make contact?  This is your medicine. Touch and dynamic communication are the basic components of contact.  They are not hard to teach as long as we remember that each person does this differently. 

A NIASZIIHhealer is someone who claims who they are. It is what makes you uniquely you.  It is not teaching you to change the essence of who you are but teaching you how to claim who you are.  A NIASZIIHhealer is becoming the place of healing. There are no techniques we can teach you to become yourself, no standards to achieve the unique you.  You have to do the craziest thing that you will ever do in your life: choose to stand in who you are and share yourself with the world. 

If this seems impossible and goes against everything you have learned to keep yourself safe, you will probably make a good NIASZIIHhealer.

A NIASZIIHhealer works in the realms of the physical, primal (or subconscious and energetic), spiritual, and the place of void from creator and within Creation. It is here that we claim our choices and our visions.  It is here we transcend our traditions, our beliefs, and our personal mythology.  It is the walk into Mystery and choosing to have a daily dialogue from creator to Creation. This journey of awareness is not an easy journey. Most are not willing to walk this path, but those who choose it create miracles.

Are you ready to create miracles?  If you are, I look forward to walking this journey with you.


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