Moving Towards: Part 3

This article is the last in this series, as well as the last newsletter article I will be writing. As you have read in prior newsletters, this is the last newsletter that we will be sending out. After this month, from time to time, you will receive news or blog segments from us based on the subscription form you filled out. If for some reason you have not filled out the subscription form, please let us know how you want to hear from us


What I would like to focus on in this article is what I am moving towards in the near future and beyond. However, first let me set a context so you can understand my perspective. As we move from the first decade of wildernessFusion towards our second decade, my role at wildernessFusion is changing. When we first started classes, I taught everything. I was the administrator, the receptionist, the janitor, and any other role required at a fledgling company. Almost from the very beginning, I started teaching apprentices to help with the journey, and they became the current teacher cadre. Various teachers tried on the role of registrar until Lanie came into the role and began to make it her own. At that point at wildernessFusion, we were in our tween years. All the ways we had done things no longer worked, and the new ways had not yet been put into place. 

Now, as we enter our teen years, the teachers have taken on more and more responsibility in the classrooms and could each teach the material on their own. Don’t worry, I will still be in all the classrooms doing what I do. However, I look forward to seeing how the teaching experience changes in the next few years, as apprentices reach teacher roles, bringing exciting new perspectives to the work, and as existing teachers take on larger roles in their individual classrooms and beyond. 

Almost a year ago, we hired Abby to be our communications manager, and her persistence and vitality have changed everything about the way we are moving towards communicating with all of you. Pat has also joined the ranks of the administration staff, working with Abby, Lanie, the teachers, and the logistics staff to bring a new level of excellence to the financial side of wildernessFusion. We also welcome Jim Hardin, our new Asheville-based chef, who will bring a fresh approach to meals in our east coast classes. As Jim becomes part of our staff, we thank all the cooks we have had for their dedication and care over the years. Special thanks to Zeb Browne, our longest running cook. He has written an article for this month’s newsletter about his experience in the wildernessFusion kitchen. 

As all these incredible people take on more and more of the administrative side of wildernessFusion, my time is opening up for the future. My primary role will be to create more ways for you to experience the teaching that we do at wildernessFusion. If you have filled out the subscription form or read Part Two in this series, Moving Towards, you have some familiarity with primaltalk. Now that we have taken a long and winding road to this place, let me explain primaltalk.


primaltalk is the online platform to teach the philosophy, psychology, and mythology that are the intersecting landscapes behind everything we do at wildernessFusion. primaltalk will begin with blog segments that teach various aspects of the philosophy, psychology, and mythology of NIASZIIHhealing and wildernessFusion. I am sure that the pace of this new platform will frustrate some of you (please understand that next month there may only be one or two blogs). However, soon you will see primaltalk with its own web presence, which will allow us to move towards a segment I am calling “9 to 1.” 

9 to 1 is an online teaching platform where I will spend time with the students of wildernessFusion talking about the philosophy, psychology, and mythology. Yes, there will be a fee for these online classes; however, as the name states, there will only be nine of you on the video conference call with me each session. We will also be recording these segments so that you can go back and listen to them for some period of time after the class is over. These segments will be accessed on the “classrooms” website. If you are a student and are specifically interested in these online classes, please let Abby know so that she can include you on the wish lists for these calls. They will probably fill from the wishlist before they make it to the website.

If you are not a current student and are interested in 9 to 1, please let Abby know and sign up for the primaltalk channel. Based on your subscriptions, communications, and my time, we will attempt to create online classes for you in the near future, probably next year.

You will also see a podcast coming next year to our website. Abby is pushing me for this to be a video podcast; however, it is more likely that you will see an audio podcast first. I envision these podcasts being interactive with a guest and suspect that they will evolve as our familiarity with these medias increases. 

New Home

Pat and I have been looking for property in the Asheville area and hope to have a new North Carolina home before May of 2019. We will have to see how this progresses. Because 2019 will mark our 10th anniversary, we are hoping to throw a party once we find the land. Stay tuned…..

I look forward to the blogs and other media that will be our new communication toolset from this point forward. However, before saying goodbye to this newsletter, I want to thank you, Morgan, for being our editor. Your work on the newsletter has been invaluable. I also want to thank you, Ann, for editing my newsletter articles and for the impact you have had. Thank you both. 

Until next month's blogs,

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon