Cooking Fool

by Zebulun Browne, healing 6 student

[Queue lights and fog machine…

Hello everyone, 

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been the cook for the east coast classes over the past three years. This summer brought to a close my tenure in the kitchen with the best circus in town. Cooking for the classes, immersed in the evolving soup that is NIASZIIHhealing and wildernessFusion, has truly been a journey of epic proportions. With ice cream! 


What an experience this is, being human. Quite the thing, to feel. To choose to feel what is real. Each class I cooked for offered me the opportunity to engage more deeply with this dynamic reality, driving me to fuse with the meat of the lesson at hand. To know it in my bones. 

Sometimes a whole peppercorn would fall in the pot and someone would crunch it and their whole mouth would go zing!

There are some side-effects to this whole NIASZIIHhealing shebang. Kind of like learning to swim by diving into the upwelling waters – mind the bumps. And everyone’s in the pot!

Like the time we were down at the Asheville KOA with all the ducks, during the trailblazing h7 class. After a day of marathon case sessions, Karl comes walking out of the tent in a not-so-straight line, his hair going every direction but down, looking like he’s just been struck by lightning. Then all the students come wandering out, looking dazed.  

Or during another class in NY, when half-awake and attempting to light the oven in the wee hours o’ the mornin’ when comes the fireball explosion, the burnt hair, the dunking of arms, and the soaking of my head in the water cooler, yelling “I’m fine!” to an h5 student as I pat my smoldering self down. No coffee required that day . . . 

Artwork © Victo Ngai 2018

Artwork © Victo Ngai 2018

O-Wa! Ta-Gu! Sa-My! 

What does it really mean to make Contact? What does this really mean, to shift perspective? How is it that we know, beyond each shaking and breaking down of our perception and sense of self that yes, we can heal? We can bring awareness to self and learn how to effectively communicate our choice. By simply being ourselves, we make contact every step of the way.

Simple. Not to be confused with easy. And what is the simplicity here? What are we left with when we remove dogma and superstition? 

Each class infused me with an insatiable craving to touch ever more deeply this Mystery through the dance with each meal. To all the students, teachers, and staff I’ve had the honor to cook for, work with, and call life-long friends, thank you. Your engagement with the work sent concentrics through the kitchen every step of the way. 

To all the clients who attended the upper-level class clinics, and elsewhere, thank you. You have inspired me to go beyond what I have felt is possible, in ways that bend the imagination. 

Karl, for everything, thank you. 

Pat, thank you for teaching me the infinite wisdom of the DQ Blizzard. This highly guarded and ancient secret of the lineage will be protected with my spoon wherever I go!

Our work at wildernessFusion is so needed in the world today. However your medicine moves you, may you remain deeply rooted in the Earth. May you dive into the heart of Mystery and dance this eternal tidal rhythm with your every step and breath. 

Everybody now!

O-Wa! Ta-Gu! Sa-My!

Much love to all, 


Sarah Moon