Becoming Certified: What's Different Now?

by Christine Moore, healing 2 and case teacher

I heard the call and did not hesitate.  I did not know Karl and had very little idea what the class being offered was about.  I had some idea it would be about healing.  And, there I was on the first day of my first class of healing 1.  It was May 22, 2009, and we all sat nervously in rows in a big room at the Lighthouse in Waretown, NJ.  There were quite a few of us.  Karl was in the front of the class with a desk and a blackboard behind him.  The row thing with Karl in front did not last long. 


During that first class, Karl enlarged Jen’s liver to the size of the room.  She was not so sure how she felt about that.  It tasted metallic to me.  Oh my, it was quite a lot to take in, to feel.  Then we set up tables and paired up to do table work.  This was very scary and very unknown territory.  I had done some healing work in other settings, but this was different.  

At some point, Karl came around to our table.  I immediately stopped breathing.  My hands were in the air about five inches above the client’s abdomen.  Karl, with his big paw of a hand, brought my hand into contact with my classmate.  Oh my gosh, contact.  I did not realize this was going to require actual contact.  So out of my comfort zone.  But the questions started to flow, slowly at first, but then more and more.

Flash forward almost a decade. I am on the train to Westchester to hopefully become a certified NIASZIIHhealer.  I am nervous, maybe not as nervous as my first day of class, but nervous.  Suppose I miss that the client has two heads or purple spots?  And with Karl watching on top of it!  What if I fail?  What if I succeed?  What questions am I not asking?

Well, after the initial awkwardness, of which there was plenty, I finally just settled into what I love to do.  What is a healing?  Making contact? Asking the sacred question?  Searching for that opening to communicate effectively?  Offering the client a different perspective?  An hour session does not leave much linear time for all that possibility and potential.  

In all the sessions that day, there was as much excitement, vulnerability and mystery present as in that first day of class in healing 1.  But what is the same and what is different?  What does it mean to be a certified NIASZIIHhealer?  What is the thread or threads that connect all the events between that first class in 2009 and now?  What was it in me that was able to hear the call and respond?  Is that part of me still present?  Has it changed?  Why am I certifiable now? One thing that is undeniably different is how very many more simple and complex questions I see needing to be asked.  Oh, and yes, that now I can breathe and be observed by Karl at the same time. 

Sarah Moon