Place of the Physical

by Pat Miller, NIASZIIHbodywork teacher

I am honored to be the keeper of the Physical for wildernessFusion. From that perspective, I offer an exploration of the question, “Why in this philosophy is the Physical so important?”  

Without the Physical how could we ever communicate with Creator? The physical body is the tool we have to feel our feelings and emotions. It’s the way we sense or understand what we need. Through our physical bodies we can imagine a different outcome, then take what we know and physically create our vision.

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With that said, what does it mean to occupy the Physical? It’s not that we don’t occupy the Physical; it’s ‘how’ we occupy. What patterns of movement do we use over and over again? How do we end up moving off of the same balance points over and over again instead of emanating from Core? Just like the work we do with beliefs in healing 3, we can learn to silence those patterns in our bodies. 

The important piece in silencing is not that those patterns of movement are no longer present, it’s that we can occupy the patterns and then choose to move differently. Then our bodies actually respond and shift to accommodate! 

So where do we begin? How do we continue to cultivate a relationship with our bodies in a way that reveals the ‘map’ of where we like to move and where we don’t like to move? As an example, if we favor standing on one leg more than the other, this suggests that there are several places in our body that continuously uphold the reality that standing on that leg seemingly creates stability. Once you become aware of what you are doing, how you are standing or sitting or walking, etc... you can then ask, “How do I move more efficiently? How can I start to take more cues from my core?” (It’s definitely not by doing more sit ups!)  The key words here are ‘doing more.’ The idea is to become more rooted, moving our energy down through our legs and into the Earth, training our nervous systems to respond, not react. This not only allows for more space in the body, but also ignites the Core for stability. 

The communication we receive from our Physical is happening all of the time. Our job is to continue to seek more contact by holding less and allowing more. This ultimately creates a more dynamic relationship with ourselves and the Earth. 

My entire life has been spent diving into the physical body and discovering how it works. The answers are not outside of ourselves, but are so close that revealing the truth, with all of the harshness that comes with it, opens a door that may have been inaccessible in the past. The body does not lie, it’s just our interpretation of what we think it’s revealing . . . .

Are you ready to discover the truth, the map, who you really are?

Sarah Moon