Moving Towards: Part 2

This month I will continue our exploration of Moving Towards. In the first segment of this series we left off with, “Are you ready to have a dialogue?" We are. We have actually started to change everything we do so that we can begin a dialogue with you.

Let me explain.


Because you are receiving this newsletter, you are on our newsletter mailing list. The newsletter has been our way of communicating, and, if we are lucky, you actually open the newsletter and read it. I am happy to announce that next month's newsletter will be our last. We are replacing it with subscription-based communication called Moving Towards. Moving Towards lets us know not only the communications you wish to receive, but also tells us which classes you wish to take, what we used to refer to as wish lists. So, if you are interested in attending a class at wildernessFusion, please put yourself on that Moving Towards subscription.

In the next several days, you will receive an email from Abby labeled Moving Towards. When you receive it, please open it and let us know what you are interested in. We will then only send you communication on the channels you choose to receive. If you don’t complete the Moving Towards subscription form we will try again a few weeks from now. If we don’t hear from you after the second mailing we will assume that you have lost interest. Let me outline the channels that you can choose from:


If you want to receive information about the NIASZIIHhealing programs, including class announcements, client requests for upper-level classes, and other related news, then please subscribe to NIASZIIHhealing channel. 

If you subscribe to NIASZIIHhealing we will:

Send you communications when we post a new class, create new blogs, need clients for classes, or post news.

If you are not a student, we will assume you are interested in this track at wildernessFusion. Either Abby or Lanie will reach out to you to see if that is the case. 

If you like to keep track of us but don’t want to take class, just tell us and we will leave you alone. If you do want to take a class, just tell us a time frame that you are considering so we can keep in touch about the possibilities.


If you want to receive information about the NIASZIIHbodywork programs, including class announcements, client requests for classes, and other news related to NIASZIIHbodywork, then please subscribe to NIASZIIHbodywork. 

If you have not taken healing 1 and subscribe to the bodywork Moving Towards channel, either Abby or Lanie will be touching base with you to see how you want to move towards bodywork 1. 

Because there is a healing 1 prerequisite to take bodywork, if you are a student who has taken healing 1 and subscribe to this channel, you will be added to the bodywork 1 Moving Towards list. As some of you know, the newest bodywork 1 class starting this fall was filled from the wish list even though it was never posted on the website. If you are interested in bodywork 1 it is important that your name be placed on Moving Towards for this track because we will fill the next bodywork 1 from this list before we open it on the website.


If you subscribe to the primalpsychology Moving Towards channel you will receive new class announcements as well as news relating to primalpsychology. 

If you have not taken the shelter class, either Abby or Lanie will reach out to you and find out if you want to take the shelter class. From time to time we will reach out to you with dates and locations of primalpsychology classes to see if you are interested. If you have already taken shelter we will be sending you notices from time to time to see if you have an interest in taking bridge, balance, or edge class. If there are enough of you interested, we will open a class. 


If you subscribe to the powerplace channel we will send you notices of powerplace classes that are coming up. Pat and I are off to Iceland this August to find locations for classes that we are planning on running in Iceland.


Yes, this is a new channel coming this fall/winter. primaltalk will be my online teaching presence. I will outline this in next month's article, Moving Towards: Part 3. For now, if you subscribe to this channel, you will receive notices about my teaching blog, online classes, and other media experiences focused on the philosophy, psychology, and mythology that is the ground we walk on at wildernessFusion. Until next month . . . .

class announcements only

If you subscribe to this channel we will only send you class announcements and will not reach out to you individually to see what you are interested in. The ball will be in your court, and when you want to reach out, you will. 

Why are we doing this? This is our first step in creating a dialogue between you and wildernessFusion. Over the months and years ahead we hope to refine this dialogue so you feel that each communication is exactly what you want and what you need. Please be part of this dialogue so we can learn what you like and what you don’t like. It is important to us that we are only making contact with you when you desire it.

Thank you.

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon