It has been an amazing month here at wildernessFusion. The second healing 7 completed their final class; the first bodywork class completed their 3-year NIASZIIHbodywork series; and the healing 4 class on the east coast hosted their commitment ceremony. 

What a privilege it is for me to reflect on the amazing work that all the students and teachers have done to get to this point.

Let me start with students of h7.

healing 7

Chris, Danielle, Geoff, Lanie, Morgan, Sam, congratulations. You are all amazing and it has been a privilege to teach you over the last 7 years. Individually and as a class your seeking for knowledge has been an absolute delight. I hope that you each claim your healing path in ways that fulfill your lives and benefit all those who seek you for your healing talents. 

I also want to thank the first healing 7 class for returning and being part of the class for these healers who have joined your circle and stand next to you in this community. Ann, Christine, Corrine, Donna, Judy, Mark, Tim, your presence in council was awe inspiring. How lucky we are to have each of you be part of our community. Your willingness to take a week out of your lives in order to join this class, with all that entails, inspires me to keep doing this work. 

For anyone reading this who has not been in the upper level classes, it is nearly impossible to explain what  healing 7 students have experienced in their seven years. The reality is that each student has been on their own journey and it is unlikely that they would describe their collective journey from a viewpoint that would be consistent from one student to the next. However, what I recognize in each of them is that they are becoming the simplicity that their journeys have led them to. They each stand before mystery, ready to dance. Thank you all for being amazing.

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A few years ago, Pat and I began discussing a class to teach bodywork to healers. How could we give healers the opportunity to experience their own bodies and then apply what they learned to their clients? I have to say I am one of the luckiest people alive that I married someone who could embody her path fully and be willing to study a new philosophy, a new language, and a new mythology in order to bring her talents fully to our school. Pat has worked tirelessly over the last three years to design a program that  would teach our students about the body and how to work with it. Pat, congratulations and thank you for meeting me and your students; you are remarkable.

Ann, Brian, Carol, Corinne, Kim, Ruth, congratulations to all of you. I know you each met your own bodies as well as your clients' with some trepidation; however, your new awareness of the physical has shifted the way you each interact with the world. Being part of a new series is at times raw as the teacher works her way through the material. But your presence has informed the teaching. As future NIASZIIHbodywork students enter the program, they walk in your footsteps, guided by the work that you, collectively with your teacher, have created. 

This month Pat has written an article about the NIASZIIHbodywork program. For our students who have interest in this program, please let Lanie know that you are interested or subscribe to NIASZIIHbodywork channel. The new bodywork 1 class that will begin in October filled from the wish list. Pat is considering beginning another bodywork 1 in Asheville, NC, in May of 2019, and I am certain that it also will fill from the wish list. If you read Moving Towards Part 2 this month, I will explain the exciting new way we plan to communicate with each of you.

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healing 4

Congratulations to the ninth healing 4 class. Abby, Adrianna, Brianna, George, Holly, Linda, Richie, Tracy, and Tracy, from all the teachers and students at wildernessFusion, congratulations on the incredible work in both the last four years and in your commitment ceremony. The simplicity of your ceremony and the power of each of your commitments will teach us all for years to come. 

One of your guests, a healing 4 graduate from last year's east coast class, said to me, "The simplicity of this class's ceremony inspired me, and I am amazed at what they have created." I commented to him that his class had created a simpler ceremony than the class that came before. This class had the privilege to witness his class's ceremony just as his class had the opportunity to witness the class that preceded his. Each generation of students is teaching the next what they have learned and what is possible. I believe this is the true wonder of wildernessFusion, student learning from student. It is not that we as teachers are unimportant, we are vital. However, the real learning happens as each of you claims who you really are, how you make choices and bring them into the world. Our community is here for you to learn within and to then take the skills you learned back to your own communities to inhabit the place of healer there. So congratulations again, from all of us, to the ninth h4 class.

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I know this article is already long, but I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and apprentices who work tirelessly at wildernessFusion to create the experiences that help our students transform. We could not do this work without you, and I can not think of another group of people that I would want to walk this journey with. From every student who has been, is, or will be part of our school, thank you.

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon