On the journey to becoming certified

by Tim Grantham, Certified NIASZIIHhealer and h3 teacher

Since its inception, the healing path, as taught through wildernessFusion, has drawn me toward the calling of my deepest self. That draw, while sometimes subtle, has been unrelenting, guiding me to the choices that offer opportunity to be that which heart, spirit and soul desire. It has been, and is, an amazing journey. 


At first, there was no concept of where this path might lead, simply a desperate hope to understand self and make sense of life experiences that felt senseless, but while walking this inward spiraling journey, it became increasingly clear that none of those experiences were senseless. Together, they create a unique set of abilities that can be used to inspire, teach and heal. 

The discovery, and acceptance, of the notion that wounds and gifts are related was particularly important, for in that teaching were all the elements that led to becoming a healing 3 teacher. The intimate relationship with patterns and addictions which has filled a large portion of my life, created an ideal resume for that position. Who knew there could be purpose in such a skillset!

With each year, and every time knowledge grew, came a clear need: The need to integrate and occupy the new learning before seeking another piece or attempting to take the next step. Often, that has required slowing down and making space to be with the lessons, expanding into them, until a felt sense of “being on level terms” arrived. 

Interestingly, during those integration times, the draw would be quiet, present, but not pulling. However, a day or two after reaching the point of feeling that fullness, it would begin to make its presence known, unmistakably communicating the need to move, to flow, again. 

That rhythm, taught by creation as a byproduct of being in class, became increasingly important to honor while moving into and through the upper classes, where each sphere is significantly larger than the last. The importance of gathering enough energy to sustain the next segment of flow can’t be overstated. 

While there was always an awareness that healing classes were potentially a seven year program, each year was its own choice, its own commitment, met with varying levels of uncertainty and/or resistance. At times, the draw felt more like an enemy than an ally, leading me, with its insistent pull, into landscapes that had been unknown, forgotten, avoided, ignored, cursed and banished. 

Thankfully, and with an equal magnetic pull, it also drew me into recognition of  potential, trust in the ability to ask questions, and faith that by being as much of myself as possible in a given moment, I can be a vessel of healing. 

Though the possibility of becoming certified had been mentioned, its tug had yet to be felt. The more immediate draw was healing 5, then one at a time, each class of healing 6, until eventually, by the grace of creation, it became clear that no matter what, the draw, the same persistent pull felt from the beginning, was to complete healing 7. It always had been. 

That completion was a major milestone in the lives of everyone in our class. The landscape is enormous. There is so much to digest. Many years worth of work with that material still lie ahead. 

For about a year after healing 7, the draw ceased its pull altogether, allowing time to work with some of the new material. It was still for long enough that it was nearly forgotten, and then it surfaced again. Funny, it felt different than before. There was a sense of completion, something ongoing, and something still undone, all at the same time. A rather insatiable gnawing inside. After spending some time to feel into, and be with, this new sensation, the message was clear. I needed to take the steps to become certified. It was time. I was ready. 

Taking those steps, becoming a certified NIASZIIHhealer, has brought new feelings, sensations that are currently challenging to find words for, other than it feels distinctly different. Not familiar, and not entirely unfamiliar: both/and. Applying the formula creation bestowed, being with this newest place, steadily expanding into its landscape, is the appropriate thing to do now. If, or when, it’s time for more, some form of that feeling of draw will surface again to let me know. Until then, there is plenty to work with, enough to do, and perhaps some space to simply be.   

Before this article comes to a close, I wish to say one thing more. What’s written here is simply one man’s remembrance of the journey taken so far. It may or may not mirror yours.  Either way, the hope for all who read it is that some piece, or pieces, will resonate with and support you as you walk your own journey in whatever direction your heart draws you. 

Offered with many blessings,


Sarah Moon