Moving Towards: Part 1

This article is the first of a three-part series, stepping into the territory of how we manifest what we are Moving Towards. 

How many of us find our safety in movement? Many of us prefer that our lives remain stable, even if that means we continually recreate what we are used to. How many of us are willing to step outside the confines of our own comfort in order to live each step with the awareness required to manifest what we are Moving Towards?


There exists a once-a-year tradition, at the New Year, to write down our resolutions for the upcoming year. Then, once written down, the resolutions tend to dissolve, and we find ourselves drawn back into familiar patterns. May I suggest that there is a more effective path towards creating our life? This path, however, takes energy and awareness that may be foreign to how we have been taught to live our lives, so let's walk slowly as we start breaking down this new direction. 

Obviously, there are at least two components within this concept of Moving Towards, Moving and Towards. However, each of these is a basket for more than one concept, so to begin the journey, let's explore the word Towards. We are not moving to; we are moving towards. Towards allows for a journey. Towards allows for more than one outcome. Towards allows for mystery. Towards allows for dialogue. 

As children, we want. As adults, we know we don’t always get what we want. That takes effort, effort that may have us default to the child’s perspective. Let me draw your attention to the key component in this wanting, one that is often overlooked: Communication.

Is your communication a direct request, "I want this now?" Or have you learned to have a dialogue with Creation? A dialogue is not a direct line; dialogue allows for an interchange between two or more entities. Dialogue allows for the end point to be moved. Dialogue allows for each step on the journey to inform the outcome. How practiced are you at dialogue? 

May I be bold enough to suggest that most of us have never been taught to have a true dialogue or to move away from the childish viewpoint that our view is the only outcome that is acceptable?  

In my experience, the only way to have dialogue is to Move Towards, to allow each step in the conversation to inform the next step on our journey. When we know we are not the only entity in the conversation, we allow the path, the Earth, Creation to inform our movement. We also realize that dialogue is not only about us talking; it is about us continually listening to Creation, Earth, to the very path that we are walking. This is what we are Moving Towards. Then the path can inform us with the next step even if, at times, this path moves away from the direction we think we are traveling. Communicate, pause, listen to response, allow response to inform us, communicate, allow our response to inform, listen to response, pause, communicate . . . .

Are you ready to have a dialogue? 

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon