This month I would like to focus on the topic of rooting. However, before I jump in with both feet, I would like to congratulate Corinne Eisenman on her certification as a NIASZIIHhealer. Corinne was in the first healing 1 class, before there was a wildernessFusion, and has become a teacher here, sharing with our students her incredible talents. From our entire community, congratulations Corinne. 

I have been studying healing for nearly thirty years. In that time, I have come in contact with thousands of healers and students who aspire to be healers. Within the healing community, we all talk about the concept of being grounded. For myself and the students of wildernessFusion, I have come to realize that grounded is not enough. We need something deeper than this concept; we need to understand being rooted.

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I will start this exploration with the concept of grounded, and then take you on a journey into rooted. Over the decades, I have heard people refer to other people as grounded or ungrounded. I must admit I have used the term myself more times than I care to count. But what does grounded really mean? Depending on the person using the term, they may be referring to the person having their feet on the ground, or perhaps being in their bodies, or simply being physical. But within the greater healing community we have a general understanding of what we all mean when we say “grounded.”

If I speak to an electrician, however, the meaning becomes more specific. She will use the term grounded to mean a circuit or electrical system in contact with the earth. This is a related idea, with meaning applicable here. What she means is that a circuit has a route to the ground. How many of us have a route to ground? 

Are you moving towards earth, and, if so, what earth are you in contact with? Many of us, including myself, believe we have a relationship with earth. But if that is what we are moving towards, why the earth? Does the earth play an important role in your life, or is it just the ground that you push off of each day? Does the earth provide you with nourishment or is food just a necessity to provide you with energy? These questions are not meant to be judgmental; they are asked to bring the earth into context in your life. If being grounded or having a path to earth is important, is the earth important?

Pat and I visited Scotland last year to take a journey on the West Highland Way. It was an incredible trip, and one of the things I learned by accident came from the pronunciation of the word route. To my American ear, the Scots pronounced the word as "root." This was one of those moments that hits you so hard that you can only hope that there are witnesses to let someone know why you are lying on the ground hardly able to take your next breath. This simplicity has been under my feet all these years and I had completely missed the teaching. Let me explain.

When I took the Philosophy 1 class at Tom Brown’s Tracker School, one of the first meditations Tom led us on was a meditation to become rooted. I did not think much of the meditation at the time, as it seemed to be a welcome to the community. Now, decades later, I realize it was an invitation to move towards my own vision, my own route, or root. This route is vitally important. What path are you walking each day? Are you lost, or do you know what you are moving towards? When you meet obstacles, what orients you on your journey? 

If your path is leading you towards the earth, what is your earth? What are you really moving towards and do you care enough about that earth to get to know it as intimately as any lover you have ever held in your being?

Please let this short article inspire you to get to know that which you desire. If this desire includes the ground or the earth or your own physicality, please make the concept of Earth be something you become with each step on your journey.

Have an incredible journey today.

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon