by Corinne Eisenman, Certified NIASZIIHhealer and healing 1 teacher

I have been witnessing ferns emerging this spring.   E-merging.  Merging with earths, within and without.  Breaking the surface, becoming visible, unfurling, rising above the threshold.  I experienced a similar extraordinary transformation myself when I became a Certified NIASZIIHhealer last month.     

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 8.00.38 AM.png

The spiral in the fern’s fiddlehead and in its life cycle, both above and below the surface, reflects my healing journey, too.   How many times around the circle to reach the surface and claim my place?  How can the simple act of making a choice change everything?  When I started this path formally with wildernessFusion, I was not certain I could do the work, that I could know all I needed to in order to be authentic and of service.  I think I also was not sure I wanted to — who would I be if I claimed those gifts, that potential impact in the world?

I was a student in the first healing 1 class, in the early days when Karl was the sole instructor.  At first I hid in the big class, glad for the cover of other people’s questions.   About halfway through healing 1, I came up against a wall, wrestling with profound doubt and, as it turned out, an even stronger desire to embrace this work.  I realized I wanted this understanding, required it from a deep, core place.  I asked Karl if I could sit in on the second healing 1 class which had just started, to help me “catch up,” and he said yes. 

When I arrived, ready to take notes and learn everything I was sure I had missed, he calmly sent me over to help one of the students make contact.  “Go show him what contact feels like,” Karl said.  My eyes were wide and I thought he’d misunderstood my intent.  “No, I need remedial help,” I said.  “I can’t help anybody else yet.”  “Go help him make contact,” Karl repeated with calm certainty.

I did, and to my surprise, my contact shifted that student’s perspective.  He could feel it, and so could the client.  Perhaps I knew more than I thought I did.  Perhaps I could trust this instrument of mine.

Fast forward nine years.  I have completed healing 7 with a community of dear friends and incredible healers, among them that student I first helped make deeper contact so many years ago.  I teach healing 1 for wildernessFusion, acting now as the doorway for each Niasziih student to step into their own medicine and to make contact, as Karl did for me.   I am a Case teacher for healing 5, 6, and 7.  I have been seeing healing clients for all of those years, settling in even more deeply to trusting my own being and the potential of this work.   I have watched my presence and contact be a catalyst for profound shift in people’s lives, in both formal and informal settings.

All of this unfolded in a spiral, like the fern unfurling, sometimes opening easily and sometimes finding a constraint above me as I attempted to emerge.  Sometimes, the constraint was something from the external landscape — schedules, relationships, logistics.  Sometimes it was from my internal landscape — judgement, distraction, uncertainty of my path.  I found my way to the surface, trusting, rooting down into the earth to eventually rise up in whatever direction was needed.

And now I find myself Certified.  I can feel it in my whole being even as I write the words.  Certified NIASZIIHhealer.  My landscape has shifted.  When Karl asked us to consider being certified, I knew it was something I wanted to do.  I knew that I was already part of that container, part of the lineage, and at the same time, I knew that it would shift everything to make that choice:  to claim my identity as a healer in this tradition, to emerge, to be seen, to move above the threshold.

On the day of the certification, the clients arrived curious, tentative, hopeful.  I met them with contact and a deep, humble sense of knowing that I would offer them something meaningful, help to create awareness so they had more choice in their worlds, and that I would receive the same.  

Karl held space for us, representing the gatekeeper of the lineage, witnessing the healings with perhaps the same sense of awe and delight and Knowing that I felt, holding simultaneously both that moment in healing 1 so many years ago and my presence on that certification day: Rather than being asked to make contact and reluctantly realizing I had something to offer, I embodied this work with choice, actively helped to create the context, and stepped in with a profound certainty that I belonged.

And so I return to the teachings of ferns.  Ferns thrive in community — it’s rare to see them growing alone.  I am grateful for this lineage of teachers and for Karl, for the community of my classmates and the greater wildernessFusion family, and for all of the clients and students who have also been my teachers on my journey so far.  Thank you.  As we continue to root and expand into the Place of Niasziih, in ourselves and in wildernessFusion, I am honored to be a part of our collective emerging.

Sarah Moon