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It feels like spring is in full force here at wildernessFusion. Even though, as I write, a snow storm is dropping five inches of wet snow, everything is moving and growing, which prompts me to talk this month about what we are moving and growing towards at wildernessFusion.  Pat & I will be moving towards North Carolina in June  and I know some of you are very anxious to learn how this will affect classes. 

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Moving Towards North Carolina

As some of you know, Pat & I have had our house on the market in New York. This has been quite a journey, but we are now under contract and expect to close in June. At this point, all our possessions will go into storage and we will become mobile, traveling with the classes for a few months. Later this year, we will begin to look at property around Asheville, NC. 

How does this affect healing classes? Movement of classes toward the Asheville area actually began several years ago when we shared our intention of selling our home in New York and moving to North Carolina. We communicated to the classes out west that this relocation would happen in increments for them, and, as of May, 2019, all of the west coast classes will have become Asheville classes. The upper level classes, h5-7, are currently held in Asheville, and the winter class of the fall start classes already meets in Asheville. 

How does this affect New York classes? The Cross River classes will remain in NY for the foreseeable future, except for the winter class of this series, which will remain in Asheville. At some point in the future, we will move the NY classes to NC; however, we will give you years of notice before we make this change. Like the west coast move, this transition will be a dialogue that takes place step-by-step. For example, if you started your h1 class in October of 2017, your classes will remain in NY until you finish h4. But, in the future, we may tell a beginning NY h1 class that their h4 class will be in NC, and they will start class with that full understanding. Then the next year’s new h1 class would be informed that their h3 and h4 classes will be in NC, etc., until all healing classes are eventually concentrated in the Asheville area. 

So, on a personal level and here at wildernessFusion, everything is moving and growing. What once existed as simple wish, moving to Asheville, turned into movement when we first realized it was more than just a wish. Once expressed, that intent began to ripple into a full concentric, expanding communication with and movement towards vision, affecting lives, and informing each new step, each new concentric.

I hope you find this helpful and that you look forward with me to this next month’s adventures. For me and Pat, just back from Belize, we are moving towards h1-h4 and b3 in New York, the last classes during which the teachers will all stay at our house before the move. From there, we will move step-by-step, finding stability in all of this mobility. In that place, we — Pat & I and the school community — are safe ground.

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

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