Certified NIASZIIHhealers and Ways to Connect

The first of many things I would like to share with you this month is that Tim Grantham and Christine Moore have become the first graduates of the NIASZIIHhealing program to become Certified NIASZIIHhealers. Please join me in congratulating both Christine and Tim on this incredible achievement. If you would like to send them a note, Tim’s email is tim@wildernessFusion.com and Christine’s email is christine@wildernessFusion.com. 

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When a student joins healing 1, they become a student of NIASZIIHhealing. At the completion of healing 4, the student becomes a practitioner of NIASZIIHhealing. Then, if a student chooses to continue with healing 5, healing 6, and healing 7, they become eligible to sit for their certification exam. Both Christine and Tim completed healing 7 in 2016, and they each decided that they had enough time and experience in their practices to take their exam. In the coming months, I hope that both Christine and Tim will share their journeys with you in the newsletter.  Until then, please join me once again in congratulating these two very talented healers. 

In this month's newsletter, you will notice that there are three articles instead of the normal two. I asked both Lanie Garner-Winter, our Registrar, and Abby Carl, our Communications Director, to share their jobs with you. Abby and Lanie are your access to all things wildernessFusion, and I am hoping that their articles will give each of you a better idea of who they are and what they do at wildernessFusion.

Over the next few months you will notice that we will be changing not only the newsletter itself, but also how we communicate with you. It is our intention to provide you with the type and quantity of communication that you desire. To create the dialogue we are hoping for, we may reach out to each of you a little more than usual so that we can refine our efforts. Please give us feedback about what is working for you now and what you desire in the future so that we can find the right balance.

I also want to direct you to our community page, wildernessFusion.com/community. If you scroll down, you will find a new navigation area. Here you can find the news and events, as always, but you will also find navigation to some new areas of the website that are expansions or revisions. 

Let me start with the client area of the site. As many of you know, in our upper level classes, we invite clients with specific diagnoses to class so that the healers in h5, h6, and h7 can work with clients who have been diagnosed with the disease that the class is studying. In h5, we work with cancer, h6, autoimmune diseases, and h7, heart disease. So if you have one of these diagnoses, or know someone who does, this section of the website is for you. Lanie has created this section to give each of you an idea of what to expect, along with ways to contact us if you are interested in traveling to Asheville, NC, to participate in these classes as a client. We will continue to add content to this section and refine it over time to give you the information you need to work with our upper level students. We have had more than a few miracles over the years.

You will also see new navigation areas for classrooms and students, as well as for teachers. Abby is currently working on the secure area for students and will be in touch with specific information as all of these areas are completed and become available. Please be patient; she is learning the best way to create this as fast as she can. 

The teacher's portal will be for teachers, assistant teachers, and apprentices to access training materials as well as content. Most of you will never see the amount of time we take to teach the teachers at wildernessFusion. However, their skill level and devotion show each time they show up for class and make it look effortless. 

You will also notice that there is a new tag under the blog navigation that reads “in the works.” That is Abby’s way of giving me a gentle nudge that I need to start creating the content that so many of you have been asking for, the teaching behind everything we do at wildernessFusion. I have to admit that right now there is a lot happening at wildernessFusion and in my personal life. However, when I can break free of a few constraints later this year, I plan to jump into the blog and the teaching that will happen there. Please be patient with me as well. 

Until next month, enjoy your life and the fullness around you.

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon