Behind the Scenes with Abby Carl

by Abby Carl

Abby is wildernessFusion’s communications director. She is available to help with questions about all things wildernessFusion. She also takes care of a broad variety of behind-the-scenes details to make sure our team efficiently communicates what wildernessFusion is creating, through the website, emails, introductions, social media, and the newsletter. She runs logistics for the west coast classes, and she is a teaching apprentice and healing 4 student.

When I was five years old, missionaries came to my church and shared stories of African children who did not have homes, medical care, regular meals, or people to love them.  This rocked my world as I knew it.  I told my parents I was going to become a doctor and go help ALL the children in Africa.  Of course, this did not manifest, but from a young age, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world.  

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My journey from child to adult led me down a winding road of struggle. A decade ago, I went through a divorce with my one-year-old son and four-year-old daughter in tow.  I felt overwhelmed by the pain. A dear friend of mine recommended I start training at her brother’s place, called Tribal Edge. This community became a safe haven where I could reconnect to the earth through primitive skills and awareness classes, and I began my journey of healing.  Soon, I took more classes, at Tracker School, at Earthwalk Northwest, and from other teachers I resonated with.  When I found out wildernessFusion in Vashon needed a cook, I welcomed the opportunity to be around all the wonderful people I kept meeting.

After cooking for wildernessFusion for a while, I decided to start the healing 1 journey. While still a student, I began to organize the logistics for the west coast classes, setting up tents, providing essential supplies, and making sure the classes ran smoothly. 

At present, I am a healing 4 student. I still run logistics on the west coast and participate in the teacher training program while working as communications director. Yes, I am a bit of a workaholic. But I love this work. I am learning to laugh at myself more, and my husband does a fabulous job supporting me through it all.

I have worked in fast paced, highly demanding careers in the medical and education fields for the past 20 years. Doing this while raising a family has given me a great ability to respond, communicating while balancing multiple threads at once.  I can both see the big picture and focus on all the details in between. And I readily adapt to change without getting attached to the outcome. This allows me to understand the many avenues people come from as they approach wildernessFusion.

The work I do at wildernessFusion fulfills my need to help the world around me. Not only do I help make it possible for others to experience our transformative classes, as I continue in my own training as a healer, people from my community also come to me for help with their current struggles. 

Over the past four years, I have come to look at myself and others through a lens of many questions. I continually search and research for ways to grow. Working in this community reminds me daily of my blind spots, all the while being held and supported. As a mother of three children now, ages 2, 11 and 14, I am grateful to see the concentric rings of change in my children as I move through the strongholds in my own life. 

My work at wildernessFusion has allowed me a space to begin to believe in myself. Whether I am sending out an email, working on the website, working with a client or helping run west coast classes, I continually discover more of my strengths and weaknesses, feel into my vulnerability, and step more fully into who I am. I have grown in ways I never thought possible. I am so lucky to live this way and to be reminded daily of how powerful and transformative this way of life we teach really is. 

Sarah Moon