NIASZIIH comes to local communities

Several NIASZIIHhealing clinics have sprung up around the country in the past year. Made up of NIASZIIH practitioners and students, these clinics meet monthly, and they quickly become places that deeply impact both clients and healers.

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The pioneer clinic, in Winston-Salem, NC, just celebrated the anniversary of its powerful first year and has grown to 12 members. For each session, they divide into small groups that work on several clients at a time, who they serve on a donation basis.

On the other side of the country, a new clinic started this January, in Sequim, WA, with 14 members. 

Here, five participants from these two groups share what their clinic means to them.

Sandy Phocas, NIASZIIH practitioner, Winston-Salem, NC: 

What has most impacted me in the past year is the way our healings evolve. Working together involves contact and trust and vulnerability. Like a dance, it may start off tenuous at times, but we are soon in a flow together, at times leading, at times following, often in synchrony. And the beauty of what unfolds touches my heart deeply.

When I first had the vision for this clinic, I was focused on supporting and giving back to community, but I find that I am receiving from it more than I could have imagined.

Debbie Edds, h2 student, Winston-Salem, NC:

As our clients’ hearts swell with hope, I feel mine swell with gratitude. We open cracks for the light to shine where there is dark. We offer contact where there is loneliness. We witness as fellow humans awaken to new life, just by being seen. I am held, even as I hold space for another.

Christina Barganier, h2 student, Winston-Salem, NC:

Being a part of the clinic has given me space to fall into who I am and who I am becoming. When we, healers with varying levels of experience, gather, we become one. This is belonging. This is serving others. The experience with the client takes the direct focus off of me. It nestles all the mystery into a clearer perspective as we make a difference in someone else’s life. That ripple effect is endless.

Cappy Kirsch, h3 student, Winston-Salem, NC:

Exploring our wounds, images, patterns and addictions at wildernessFusion is hard work.  We students are all opening metaphorical cans of spinach and wolfing down the contents together.  Our NIASZIIHhealing Clinic provides a monthly shift in perspective, when I get to witness the healing Popeyes we are all becoming. Every session absolutely requires the unique medicine of each healer in the room, and I have seen people heal simply from the contact we give them. 

It is richly satisfying to apply what we learn in class and create transformation for our clients—this is why clinic day is my favorite day of the month!

Chris Tipton, h2 student, Sequim, WA:

For the past two months, our group has intentionally eased into our healing clinic: our first clients have been close community members and fellow students. We find solid ground to move from first, meeting an hour before our first session to check in. Then, we get to work, inspired by the Winston-Salem clinic’s structure.

I find that working with new people from different classes deepens my understanding of my wounds and my gifts.  When I'm reacting or feeling lost, my fellow healers' support and strengths offer space and awareness.

As clients thank us, I am reminded that this healing work is always given and received. I, too, am thankful to be here.

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