The Call

Earlier this month, I was working with the concept of call/recall in the west coast healing 1 class. Later, on the plane home, I realized that although the focus was on “the call,” we cannot really hear that call clearly unless we have the context of recall. Let me explain.

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Many of us view what we are moving toward next as something that is outside of ourselves, separate from us. I am suggesting that the step forward makes no sense without the recall of our preparation. It is this context, this preparation, that not only directs the next step on the journey, but also helps us see the step as part of the whole.

One of my favorite quotes passed from Stalking Wolf to Tom Brown, who passed it to us, is: “The preparation is the journey, the journey is the vision, and the vision is NOW.” If we see preparation as everything that has come before this present moment, see the journey as the present moment, see the vision as that which we are moving toward, and see the NOW as the continuum of preparation, journey, and vision, then we can surmise that preparation is vital to the journey.

What if I change your perspective once more and have you look at preparation as the internal, journey as the identity, and vision as the external? From this perspective, we can see that many prefer to occupy their identities, or the journey, but miss the internal and the external. If we imagine ourselves walking, with one foot on the ground and one foot raised for taking a step, we can then imagine that without firm ground to move from and without the leg pushing off that ground, there can be no movement at all. We can also see that the raised leg is no better off if we do not consider what we are moving toward. Will this extension move us toward our seemingly unknown external? Are we willing to step into this unknown?

What if firm ground is the preparation, the internal, that we move off of? What if we heard “the call” in each extension, reaching out from that known into the unknown? What if we called this extension, this reaching toward, “the call?" And if we really want to push our awareness, what happens when the vision, the external, is no longer outside ourselves but becomes a part of the very preparation that becomes the ground that supports us in the journey? 

Can you let everything that has come before, including exploration of your own vision, become the internal that you move from? And, if so, can you let yourself hear “the call” in each step of the journey? Then the journey becomes a dance with mystery, an empowered step toward Oneness and the NOW. 

It is this internal, this recall, this ground, that provides us with the earths that we move from. If you can feel the call/recall, I invite you to take this journey with us, either here at wildernessFusion or in whichever step Calls you next. But please take the step . . . .

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon