I would like to congratulate the healing 4 class on the east coast: Ben, Zeb, Joannie, Amanda, Gravity, Carleigh, Mink, Carol, Justin, Jen, John, and Ruth. What an incredible job you did with ceremony and commitments! I know how hard you worked individually and as a class, and want to reflect that your guests, all 120 of them, were moved, as was I, by the humor and depth of your commitments. All of the teachers at wildernessFusion join me in congratulating each of you in the grounding of your vision. Please read more about this ceremony in Ruth Manning’s inspiring article that follows.

I would also like to congratulate Ann Mary Hampton, Christine Moore, Corinne Eisenman, and Tim Grantham. In the last few months, each of them has become case certified. What is case certified? Great question, no easy answer. Case is the container that a teacher holds when a student presents their perspective of a healing session with a client, specifically, what they learned and where they struggled in that healing. All of the healing 5, healing 6, and healing 7 students present case after working on clients who have come to their healing classes. These clients are individuals with cancer, autoimmune diseases, or heart-related diseases who come to receive healings over a two-day period in the upper-level classes. (If you have been diagnosed with one of these illnesses, please contact us and we will see if we can schedule you to participate.) Think of a case as a 50-minute crucible offering you the potential to learn more about yourself than you, perhaps, have ever considered possible. It is a chance to see not only below the threshold of your awareness, but also below the threshold of your very being. 

For the last four years, I have held each case, for every student, for all of the three years of the upper-level classes. However, this constraint, in addition to teaching each class, has been taking its toll. Also, a student presenting case is not the only one discovering encyclopedias of information about self, so too is the case teacher.  With all of this in mind, Tim, Corinne, Christine, and Ann stepped forward to learn how to be case teachers. This began a three-year journey that allowed each of them to learn the tools they needed to hold case. This journey was at times a crucible for them as well, because you cannot lead, or in this case follow, anyone unless you have taken the journey yourself. Being case certified is not a small accomplishment. Each of you should be very proud of the landscape you have walked. I also know that you each take this new responsibility very seriously and are feeling your own trepidations with the first cases that you will hold in September. All I can say to each of you is that you would not be sitting in the case teacher chair if you were not ready. I believe in each of you and trust that you will connect with the students and that together you will find territories for each of them, as well as yourselves, to explore. 

I also want to let everyone know that Lanie will be on maternity leave starting in August. Kim Costin, our new assistant registrar, will be handling registration for the upcoming east coast healing 1 class that starts in October, as well as the shelter class to be held in Cross River in September. If you have any questions, please connect with Lanie or Kim. Congratulations to Lanie and Seamus on the birth of your first child--we will all be thinking of you.

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon