When people I meet ask me about wildernessFusion, I talk about our teaching, healing, and perhaps our lineage, but the conversation always leads to the one thing I believe makes wildernessFusion truly special, our community.

healing 4 west coast
In May, our west coast healing 4 class gathered with their family and friends for their commitment ceremony, a ceremony truly their own. I love when a class occupies the place of simplicity, standing before their guests, their teachers, and the students of wildernessFusion to clearly commit to their individual paths. 

I want to congratulate Leif, Karen, Reuben, Jessica, Dave, Dave, and Catherine, and convey this message: all of your teachers, including me, want you to know it has been a pleasure having you in class the last four years. We look forward to hearing about your journeys and how your personal visions/commitments unfold in the years ahead. Please stay in touch and visit from time to time; you are part of our community.

From the entire community, I want to welcome Lucy Vogel Chinnock into the world. Two of our students, Morgan and Andy Chinnock, had baby girl Lucy on May 26th. Congratulations to the entire family. Those of us who have not already had the opportunity look forward to meeting Lucy in the near future.

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East Coast Lecture Tour
In the next few weeks, I will be visiting three towns/cities on the east coast, diving into a lecture entitled “spheres within spheres and healing.” Our events pages are up and you can keep track of where and when we are presenting in this new section of our website. 

Many people believe that these lecture tours are for us to recruit students, and although this is true, they are so much more. My larger purpose for going on the road and lecturing in various cities around the country is to spread the word about NIASZIIHhealing.. The lectures allow us to support the local community of NIASZIIHhealing healers and to help them build community in their towns. If we land in a town near you, I hope to meet you and share our healing community with you.

I hope each of you belongs to a community that supports who you want to become. I am of the opinion that healing requires community and that if we could heal ourselves alone, we would have done so already. It’s that outside perspective with diversity, which we cannot achieve on our own, that truly heals. We do not have to look far to see the need for healing, so please embrace community and diversity; they are vital for true healing.

 Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon