Recently, I sent out a note to a few people on our mailing list. I do this from time to time to stay in contact with those who receive this newsletter and to learn what attracts them to wildernessFusion. As I was looking at the list, I noticed three recipients who live in Scotland. I sent individual notes to all three, and each of them responded. I have to admit, I quickly responded to the first reply; however, the second still sits in my inbox awaiting a return, "Thank you, be back to you shortly." A couple of days ago, I received a note from the third person from Scotland asking for this . . . .

“I would like to know more about your method of Healing and how it evolved to its current form.” 

Well, John from Scotland, here is a brief answer to your question. I say brief because we happen to be working on the story of wildernessFusion and how to tell it on our website. The only way to really tell this story is to tell it from a vast place of many perspectives, but here is a small part of our story.

Tom tricks Karl

(For six years, I was the corporateShaman, or business manager, at Tom Brown’s Tracker School. This part of the wildernessFusion story takes place toward the end of my tenure there.)

One day, Tom Brown came to me and said, "You and I are going to teach a healing class together." 

I resisted and told Tom that if he wanted to run a healing class, to just run it; he did not need to involve me in it. But, after weeks of him pushing his point, I finally relented and agreed. 

We put the class up on the Tracker School website, and it filled in two days. The day after the class closed, Tom and I had a conversation during which he announced, “I am not going to teach the class; you are." 

I was stunned. "Great," I thought. "We just misled all those students who signed up. They believe they're getting Tom Brown, but now they're getting Karl Direske."

I immediately asked Sarah, the Tracker School registrar, to contact each enrolled person and volunteer to refund them for the class because Tom was not going to teach, Karl was. To my shock, every student who had signed up showed up to the first healing series, now known as healing 1. 

At the end of that first class in the four-class series, the students collectively stated that one class series would not be enough. They asked, "When will you teach more classes?" 

Once again, I resisted, saying to that first batch of students, “You have three more classes left. Let's finish those and talk about more after that.”

Well, it's clear that more classes grew from this and that wildernessFusion came to be. But, John, the story of what we do does not really begin here. It began generations before, when a small band of Apache in the American Southwest, resisting tradition, decided to pursue a path of simplicity and, over the generations, removed all dogma and superstition from their philosophy, psychology, and mythology. 

It also does not end here. This is a living story that ultimately leads to the students of wildernessFusion. The healing method is not a method at all. It is a way of being and comes from that philosophy, psychology, and mythology that was handed down to us. We are teaching our students to become NIASZIIH, or vessels of healing. 

There are also branches of this story that tell the journey of how we have learned and how we teach at wildernessFusion. This story is not linear, and telling it is a great adventure in itself. 

So please be patient as we put this story together. Both the story and its journey continue to grow from those long-ago roots. 

What I hope to accomplish is apparently difficult to achieve, which is not surprising, knowing my own psychology. 

Ready to take the next step, I am . . . .

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon