I have an incredible job here at wildernessFusion. This month, I hope to convey to you the contradiction of the position I hold, along with the vast potential. One of the hats I wear is head instructor and leader of a dynamic cadre of teachers. In this role, I witness an amazing group of students as they reclaim their choices and become the healers they wish to become. I also wear the hat of corporate shaman, or small business person, running an organization challenged with building a structure that supports students, teachers, and myself. It’s in this intersection that so much potential can be harnessed if we know what to look for . . . .

For example, standing at this intersection, part of what you can see at wildernessFusion is outreach through lectures and healing events. On the surface, this seems pretty simple and straightforward. However, if you look below the surface, there are many moving parts that as an organization we either handle well or work to improve. 

Perhaps what cannot be seen includes my preparation for the talks and getting to the venues, as well as Lanie working with the local folks who are coordinating the lectures to ensure there are attendees. Then, once folks have attended, we want to follow through with each individual.  All these details can lead to a good experience or a mediocre one. There are so many places to improve the experience, so many choices to be made in the complex balance of business interests and personal interaction. 

So as an organization, we keep asking the questions, what potentials have we missed and what are we moving toward? We then move toward the improvements you see this month, including a new section on our website called events. Located on the community page, this section will allow you to view coming events. You never need to miss a lecture again. 

We are also moving forward on several projects. There are the online classrooms, the additions to the website, the new programs we are working on, and the administration tools that are required to run all of this. Oh, and where are all those blogs I promised? 

Teachers are the contact point for all our students. As we grow, I have decided to revamp the way teachers and apprentices are trained. All of the teachers at wildernessFusion spend at least three years in our teacher training program, and in the case of full teachers, many have been training for seven or eight years. We call this program shamanskitchen. Now, instead of training every three months, we will train teachers and apprentices each month, and in some cases several times a month.

All of this is potential and, if it feels overwhelming, well, at times it is. However, this is the blessing and the curse of working with potential or void. Once we learn to navigate this territory, we become everything, then nothing, and then we are left with ourselves. 

In the intersection of personal and corporate interests lies both responsibility and possibility. As I said, my job here at wildernessFusion is incredible. It is also complex. The awesome thing is that my voidpsychology can be summarized with these wise words from my wife Pat, “When Karl comes across a problem, he keeps making it bigger until he can solve it.” This is both my blessing and my curse, a contradiction. It is potential.

Until next month, enjoy the potential of spring, and I will keep working on finding the simplicity in the complexity I create. 

 Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon