Everything we do at wildernessFusion teaches choice. We continually ask, "What choices am I making?" along with the harder question,  "Why am I making these choices?" In the last month I have had the incredible opportunity to tour the west coast, lecturing in four cities. This tour has given me an important insight about our philosophy of choice that I share with you this month.

Personal choice has everything to do with the topic of the lecture series, “The Worlds of Man.” The philosophy at the core of wildernessFusion is called Nia-tu’. A simple translation of Nia-tu’ is the philosophy of choice. This philosophy, beyond all else, brings us to a place, or places, from which we make choices. Ultimately, if we do our job at wildernessFusion, we are helping our students and their clients reclaim choice.

So what are the “Worlds of Man?” Simply stated, they are worlds or spheres that we operate within; they are the context which gives meaning to our questions and tone to our awareness. Let me explain.

Stalking Wolf handed to Tom Brown, who then handed to me/us, this teaching, that “No man is an island, we are spheres within spheres.” These spheres have names, and here at wildernessFusion we work with the physical, the primal, spirit, void, creator, soul, and Creation. The reason I say,  "Here at wildernessFusion," is that Tom Brown, for instance, has chosen to take what we call primal and break it up into its two key components, subconscious and force. Tom is very clear in his Philosophy 1 class that it was his choice to break what we call primal into two separate spheres or worlds. When Stalking Wolf handed this philosophy to him, subconscious and energy were part of one sphere or world.

On a side note, let me also say that we all need an interpreter when working within mystery. What Tom may call force, we call energy. What my good friend Peter calls Spirit, we call Creation. Often we need to slow down and understand the context in which we and the people we are talking to are using certain words to describe our experiences. Everything is contextual, and the meaning shifts depending on the ground we are walking.

In the months ahead I will start a blog series called “spheres within spheres” to explain each sphere we work within and the context it creates for dialogue. For today, I am only attempting to set a context in which I can share with you the insight described in the first paragraph. 

If we walk primarily in the physical, the questions we ask are usually set within the context of the physical. For example, if my ankle hurts, I might ask, "What is happening in my ankle? Why does it hurt?" In physical terms, my answer would include that I injured my ankle a year ago and the instability it has created is why I have swelling and pain in my foot.

However, if I think of myself as I would a client who walks into my office and asks me to fix their ankle, I start asking broader questions. I might wonder, "What is this injury related to?" Asking this in the sphere of the physical could lead me to the groin and the holding there, or the block in the back of the knee. However, if I ask the question in the sphere of spirit, it may lead to the client's relationship to his wife, or his relationship with his work, or his inability to support himself. The context, or sphere, in which I ask the question provides the tone for the awareness that follows.

Yes, it is awareness that follows, not the answer. In the case above, the client wanted to be fixed; he wanted an answer. Of course, as the healer, I work within all relevant spheres in order to reset the client's perspective on his injury, and on his life. If he does not want awareness, and only craves the answer, there is very little I can do to help because awareness is the doorway to choice. This is why I say, in classes and in this lecture series, that the hardest thing a healer encounters is engaging clients in their own healing journey. 

What I encountered during the lecture series was that some attendees did not feel safe operating in all these realms. Of course they did not! Depending on their life experience, dwelling in the physical and in the realms of spirit must have felt like travel to foreign lands. And even spending two hours explaining these lands, hoping to give the traveler a doorway into the experience of each realm, was not nearly enough time to make them feel safe. What was I expecting?

What I share with you today is this: if you do not understand the context you are creating, you will be blind and unable to gather the awareness from the questions you ask. Awareness will change everything; answers will only lead you to no longer asking the question. So if you feel unsafe, please get curious and ask the next question, "Why?" or "Where does this lead me?" Then please keep asking. Ask in as many contexts as you can and gather awareness into your life. This will lead you to Choice.

 Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon