NIASZIIHhealing Clinic

by Sandy Phocas, NIASZIIH practitioner

When the idea first came to me, it arrived almost fully formed—a vision with impact. I had just completed healing 4 with my commitment ceremony a couple of weeks prior, and I had been sitting each day with the question of what was next. What I knew was: I was sad to feel the loss of wildernessFusion community with the end of h4, and I was firmly committed to healing, teaching, and building community.

One day while in my sit spot, it arrived—the vision of a NIASZIIHhealing Clinic where local NIASZIIH students (there are several in my area) and I would gather monthly to do group healings on clients. I felt incredible excitement and energy about it (which surprised me, as whenever we did group healings in class I felt overwhelmed and lost!). And yet, this vision of doing group healings compelled me. I also knew I had something to learn at that edge.

As I sat with the vision, all of the components of it quickly became clear: Students would be supported in their learning journey. We would deepen our connection with one another and learn from each other. We would educate our community about healing. Clients would be welcome regardless of financial situation.

I also knew from early on that this vision has a future, that it wants to evolve over time into something more, something that I cannot yet see but can feel. It was a Keeper for sure, in both meanings of that word.  

When I contacted the local NIASZIIH students (after first sharing my idea with Karl), they too were excited. We had our first meeting, and soon we had our plan. There were six of us, so we would split into two groups during the healings, with two clients receiving healings at the same time in separate spaces. We allow two hours for each appointment so that there is not only time for the healing, but also time for the healers to discuss the healing afterwards, to share challenges, joys, learning, and experience. The clinic is donation-based, so that no one is turned away for lack of funds. We agreed that NIASZIIH students would need to complete their first year of training before participating as a healer in the clinic. I created a website on Wix, so that we had a place to introduce our vision and plan to our community. And we launched it!

We currently offer our clinics monthly and have four clients per clinic. Our community has responded with excitement—our first two clinic dates filled quickly, and we soon had a waiting list. In July, five more local NIASZIIH students will complete healing 1. And so we will grow.

Our first clinic on January 29 went better than I could have imagined. We all felt the power, depth, and beauty of the healing space we entered into together. And I was relieved to find that doing healing work with two other healers is nothing like doing it with 14 other healers! Instead of overwhelm, there was beautiful synergy. All of us were powerfully moved.  

A quote from Cristin Whiting, one of the h2 students, describes the experience well: “One of my biggest takeaways from our experience in the clinic came from the experience of working together as a healing team. It was so useful to be able to witness each other's medicine and to learn from that. The magic came for me, though, in the way we blended our healing together. It was the contact we had with client, ourselves and each other that wove the healing basket. We worked together as one. The feeling of that is still with me today.” 

To learn more about the NIASZIIHhealing Clinic in Winston-Salem, NC, visit their website at or contact Sandy at


Sarah Moon