I recently had the opportunity to travel to India, and the trip changed me in ways that I have not even begun to integrate. The contradiction in India affected me on every level of my being, and it brings to mind one of my favorite David Whyte poems: 

It doesn't interest me if there is one God
or many gods. 
I want to know if you belong or feel
If you know despair or can see it in others. 
I want to know
if you are prepared to live in the world
with its harsh need
to change you. If you can look back
with firm eyes
saying this is where I stand. I want to know
if you know
how to melt into that fierce heat of living
falling toward
the center of your longing. I want to know
if you are willing
to live, day by day, with the consequence of love
and the bitter
unwanted passion of your sure defeat. 

I have heard, in that fierce embrace, even
the gods speak of God. 

David Whyte

This is where I stand, in a place of great humbleness at the work that we at wildernessFusion are doing in the world. When I read Sandy Phocas’s article in this month's newsletter, introducing the first NIASZIIHhealing clinic, I see Sandy’s vision and her individual effort, but my focus is on her quote from Cristin Whiting, “We worked together as one. The feeling of that is still with me today.” 

Or when I watch the final episodes of the third season of Alone, and I see one of our students, her tremendous courage, and the inspiration she brings to everyone who has had the opportunity to watch her journey, I ask, “Can we each walk our vision as valiantly as Carleigh, and stand in the passion of our sure defeat?” 

As I set out for more travels on the west coast, including classes and a lecture tour called "The Worlds of Man & Healing," I embrace all that I have learned on this journey so far, and I choose to continue until we can each create a place of opportunity not only for ourselves, but also for those who are not as fortunate as we are. I hope to see you on this path.


Sarah Moon