Every year as Thanksgiving approaches, I prepare to step into the kitchen and create a meal that will not only surpass the year before, but also feed our family and friends in a way that inspires them to live a full life.

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This year, I draw from a video call that I shared with the teachers and apprentices.  Participating in this call were twenty-one of the twenty-four teachers and apprentices who are part of the wildernessFusion community. The intent was to gather as a community and spend a couple of hours with each other. We each shared our thanks for each other, discussed diversity, and expressed what each of us hopes to gather from our work together. 

The next day I heard from many of the staff, who thanked me for organizing the call and related how important it is to all meet in one place to appreciate each other. I not only appreciate you each individually, I embrace our interactions and where our relations are moving us as a community. 

So as I look toward the menu for this year, I will do what I always do and focus on contradiction of flavors and tastes, but I will also be looking for the ingredients that pull the diversity together to create inspiration.

I want to thank everyone in our community, the teachers, apprentices, students, and each one of you who reads this newsletter. You each inspire me to create an even more satisfying meal. I hope you enjoy.

Karl Direske

Karl Direske

Sarah Moon