December Online Introduction

Wednesday December 7, 2022 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST
At wildernessFusion, a healer is defined as a person who makes contact and changes someone’s perspective.  So what define's a NIASZIIHhealer?

A NIASZIIHhealer is someone who feels called to caretake others. 
A NIASZIIHhealer is someone who is wounded and utilizes their wounding to find their gifts.
A NIASZIIHhealer is someone who can make real contact.

It is someone who claims who they are. It is what makes you uniquely you. It is not teaching you to change the essence of who you are but teaching you how to claim who you are. 

NIASZIIHhealer is becoming the place of healing. You have to do the craziest thing that you will ever do in your life: choose to stand in who you are and share yourself with the world.

If this seems impossible and goes against everything you have learned to keep yourself safe, you will probably make a good NIASZIIHhealer.

This journey of awareness is not an easy journey. Most are not willing to walk this path, but those who choose it create miracles.
Are you ready to create miracles? If you are, I look forward to walking this journey with you.


Karl Direske is the founder and lead teacher at wildernessFusion.  In his thirty-year healing career, Karl taught at Barbara Brennan school of healing and worked at Tracker as a corporate shaman. Eventually Tom suggested that Karl start wildernessFusion to teach a modality called NIASZIIHhealing. Translated as "a place of healing", NIASZIIHhealing was handed down from Tom's mentor and teacher, Stalking Wolf. Now in its tenth year, wildernessFusion teaches through a seven year Earth-based curriculum interfacing through philosophy, psychology, and mythology. wildernessFusion holds classes in Asheville, North Carolina and online.

 Join the next online introduction to learn more about this ancient healing path.