Autoimmune Disease

This year we work with our identity, or, more specifically, identities. Each world of man has a container. We work with the physical/primal, spiritual, void/creator, and soul containers. Each world has its own identity and each world has its own psychology. We explore each identity, or world, and its corresponding psychology.

A bit of warning, though: if you believe that your perspective, the way you see a situation, is your identity, this will be a very hard year. 

We work with clients who are attacking various parts of their own identities.


Class 1

During this first class we work with our physical and primal identities, who we are physically, subconsciously, and perhaps consciously and energetically. Each one of these worlds uses the vocabulary of tension and pressure. We dive into the psychology of each, but our time is limited, so if possible, please consider taking the primalpsychology shelter class. 

Who are we physically? Is this identity as fixed as we seem to want to think? Perhaps we can learn to make these worlds fluid and to pass this shapeshifting skill on to our clients, especially if they're struggling with disease. 

Class 2

In this class we dive into the vast spiritual world, or worlds. We explore this territory as well as its psychology. This class is our first taste of presencepsychology. Are you ready for your identity to expand exponentially?  

Class 3

In this third class we work with the void and how to harness the void in your life and your healings. What if you could become clear and see/feel the potential that surrounds us constantly? What is it about our void identities or our own psychology that blinds us to this potential?

How will your perspective change when you have worked through your own void psychology and can harness the potential any time you ask the question? Ready ….

Class 4

In this last class of this series we dive into soul and soul psychology, or identities. If our soul is the intersection of our present identity and creator, how do we begin to make this intersection, or intersections, place or places? A place can be given a fancy name, but perhaps we can just learn to occupy place on a deeper level and leave all dogma to others. 

Ready for healing 6?


Your Teacher


Class 1  Sept 5 - 11, 2019 in Asheville NC
Class 2  Dec 5 - 11, 2019 in Asheville NC
Class 3  March 19 - 25, 2020 in Asheville NC
Class 4  June 4 - 10, 2020 in Asheville NC

Class Fees

Paid in Full: $4000
Payment Plan: $4400
Pre-requisite: h5

Payment Plan

Deposit        $400  At Registration
Payment 1    $400  Aug 1, 2019
Payment 2    $400  Sept 1, 2019
Payment 3    $400 Oct 1, 2019
Payment 4    $400 Nov 1, 2019
Payment 5    $400 Dec 1, 2019
Payment 6    $400 Jan 1, 2020
Payment 7    $400 Feb 1, 2020
Payment 8    $400 March 1, 2020
Payment 9    $400 April 1, 2020
Payment 10  $400 May 1, 2020