In the fifth year of the program we work with clients who have cancer. We explore how we distort our internals and how this warping of our internal space, or place, creates cancer. Learning the techniques presented in this class, along with the terminology utilized in clinical setting, will help you touch cancer from a different perspective. 

What is your relationship to cancer? This class pushes the limits of your perception and alters context so that you feel you could change the course of your client's healing journey.


Class 1

In this first class we break into healing groups to learn about each other as well as ourselves. We dive into your first experience of case and the many ways this concentrated healing will help you shift the very essence of who you are. 

A few words about case: it is nearly impossible to explain this healing forum. Please know, however, that for the next three years these 50-minute explorations will change your life and every aspect of how you perceive not only the internal, but also your identity, and the external as well. This first class is a transition from healing yourself to healing your clients. Welcome to changing your external forever.

Class 2

In this class we focus on breast and testicular cancer, beginning this journey by exploring the external internals. How do we, in the very short window of time allowed by the medical community, help our clients make huge healing shifts?

Class 3

In this class we work with all types of cancer, including liver, intestine, or any tumor where we can expect to find a malignant mass. How do we separate the tumor from the surrounding organs and start the journey of shrinking and isolating the mass so the body can use its natural mechanisms to eliminate the cancer? When we learn to so influence the physicality of our external, we are finally ready to accept ourselves as creators of our lives.

Class 4

In this class we add to the techniques we have learned by working with the client’s psychology.  The hardest part of any healing is changing the client’s mindset so that they become engaged in their own healing. We work with memory, helping our clients forget they have cancer so they can focus on their healing journey. This naturally transitions us into our topic for healing six, Identity.

Ready for healing 5?


Your Teacher


Class 1  Sept 4 - 10, 2019 in Asheville NC
Class 2  Dec 4 - 10, 2019 in Asheville NC
Class 3  March 18 - 24, 2020 in Asheville NC
Class 4  June 3 - 9, 2020 in Asheville NC

Class Fees

Paid in Full: $4000
Payment Plan: $4400
Pre-requisite: h4

Payment Plan

Deposit        $400  At Registration
Payment 1    $400  Aug 1, 2019
Payment 2    $400  Sept 1, 2019
Payment 3    $400 Oct 1, 2019
Payment 4    $400 Nov 1, 2019
Payment 5    $400 Dec 1, 2019
Payment 6    $400 Jan 1, 2020
Payment 7    $400 Feb 1, 2020
Payment 8    $400 March 1, 2020
Payment 9    $400 April 1, 2020
Payment 10  $400 May 1, 2020