healing 1 spring and fall start


The journey begins with Healing 1.
Our task as teachers, students, and as a group is to expand the way we perceive our lives, to fully understand how we make choices, and to translate this work into powerful healing for ourselves and others. Do you hear the call? We would love to share this ancient path with you. 


Class 1

The NIASZIIHhealing model is a lush environment with many terrains that come together to create a complex ecosystem. In this class we slow down the journey and begin to explore this model. The veils and worlds are outlined and we start our exploration of fusion, the dynamic intersection between worlds. We also begin exploring the healer’s wounds and how shifting our perception of them helps us claim our personal medicine.

Class 2

NIASZIIH, or the vessel of healing, includes the places of the physical, primal, spirit, void, creator, and soul working within the context of Creator. In this class we wander the landscape and begin our exploration of this very powerful healing modality in the context of nature, both the external as well as our internal. We explore the ten powers of journey as we move along the landscapes. 

Class 3

Visions, dreams, signs, symbols, feelings, emotions, and visions are communicators. As healers exploring the veils, we must start to understand communication with the veil system and how to use our senses on many levels. This class begins the exploration of our feelings and emotions and how we use them as communication within the healing vessel.

Class 4

This class provides us with an opportunity to explore our journey as healers. We start work on our tree of life, the multiple dimension map of the self. We look at our roots, our own paths and history, and how we have arrived at our present realities. Then we will push the thresholds of time, space, and self to change our awareness of who we are. 

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Please note: An increase in class cost will go into effect on November 1, 2019 for healing 1 ($2700 in full/$2900 payment plan).
If you register for healing 1 before November 1st, your class fee will be what is listed below ($2400 in full/$2600 payment plan).

Your Teachers


Class 1  Oct 5 - 7, 2019  Cross River NY
Class 2  Jan 25 - 27, 2020  Asheville NC
Class 3  Apr 25 - 27, 2020  Cross River NY
Class 4  July 11 - 13, 2020  Cross River NY

Class Fees

Paid in Full: $2400
Payment Plan: $2600
Class size will be limited to 19 students.
Class minimum is 14 students. 

Payment Plan

Deposit    $200    At Registration
Payment 1  $240  Sep 1, 2019
Payment 2  $240  Oct 1, 2019
Payment 3  $240  Nov 1, 2019
Payment 4  $240  Dec 1, 2019
Payment 5  $240  Jan 1, 2020
Payment 6  $240  Feb 1, 2020
Payment 7  $240  Mar 1, 2020
Payment 8  $240   Apr 1, 2020
Payment 9  $240   May 1, 2020
Payment 10 $240  June 1, 2020

Let us know what you are interested in and we will keep you informed.