Creating place for community begins with location. We will be gathering at the Kimberly Bridge Campsites within Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, in Cross River, NY. This Westchester County park has over 4,315-acres of diverse habitat as well as miles of trails. We have been lucky to hold classes here for over 6 years.


We look forward to convening and manifesting here for powerful transformation.



During classes, we have access to the entire Kimberly Bridge campsite for both our classroom tents and student camping. If you are a student coming early, or a client coming to this site, you will need to contact the park to make camping arrangements. As a student camping on site, you are responsible to bring your own camping equipment for class.

The campsite has pit toilets and port-a-johns available. During the summer months (through the end of October), there are also shower facilities at another campsite location in the park.

If you are student coming early or a client coming to this site, you will need to contact the park to make camping arrangements. 

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation: call to make reservations: 914.864.7317


local hotels

While we prefer that all students sleep on the earth for the duration the classes, you are also welcome to stay at a local hotel. We suggest looking into the local hotels in Danbury, CT, which is about 30 minutes from the camp. Please note that classes include evening activities and often run until about 9 pm each night. Breakfast is usually at 7 am each day with classes starting at 8 am. If you are considering staying at a hotel, please take into consideration that there will be travel time to account for each day.


amenities and services

The closest grocery store is DeCicco’s in the Orchard Square Plaza at the corner of 121 North and 35. There are also a number of little stop and shops and deli’s at this crossroad. 

A larger selection of restaurants and shopping centers is located in Danbury, CT, which is about 40 minutes away.