Your journey continues with Healing 2.
You work this year with the primal brain and the images that rule your life. It is your quest to understand your images and how you can silence them, freeing yourself to make choices.


Class 1

In this first class you sink your energetic hands into the primal brain and learn to read a client's history like a book. This allows discovery of events that have significance in an individual's life and begins the journey of integration and healing.

Class 2

In the second class you wander the landscapes while working with search/research. By asking, "What am I searching for today?" and then at day's conclusion, "What research is needed to shift my search tomorrow?" you learn how to energize the choices you make each day.


Class 3

Feelings and emotions are key to exploring how you empower and disempower your images. In this class you work with your personal images and the communication that empowers them. You present to the class your top three or four images and how you plan to silence them.

Class 4

This class revisits your tree of life and explores how the events you placed there have been influenced by your images. As you learn to see your images' invisible influence in everyday life, you begin to develop the awareness required to silence them. This shift in relationship with your history frees the primal mind to do the job it was designed to do, and you begin to recognize it as a gateway to the worlds we all work within.