WildernessFusion bodywork 3 Classes

In this third year of NIASZIIH Bodywork our focus is Place. What are the elements of Place? How can we create Place? By using our intention, understanding communication, and having a real feel for how our bodies work, Place starts to take form. This is a key element in creating our own balanced internal as well as helping others create theirs.


Class 1

In this class we establish Place. Moving from the identity (what) and intent (why) of each exercise, toward Place, repetition and contradiction are key elements. By doing the exercises over and over again they become hardwired into our subconscious/primal. Can we operate internally from Place?

Class 2

Shifting to the external, how can we create Place as an externalized internal? Knowing that Place exists inside of ourselves, we can create Place outside of ourselves and invite our clients to explore that Place within themselves. Choice is the doorway. We create the landscape to have them see themselves in a way they have not before.

Class 3

Introducing ‘How’ into the equation allows us to move from one perspective to many perspectives. Knowing that place is contextual, we explore some of the many contexts in which Place can be realized. We focus primarily on the spheres of the physical, primal, and void.

Class 4

This  class is the culmination of all three years of the bodywork program. Our review includes exploring the material and how it pertains to our work as healers. Our physical bodies are not only a source of information, a vehicle to transcend, but also a celebration of life.