In year two of NIASZIIHbodywork we explore intention & communication through the intermediary, or keeper, within ourselves and between us and the client. We begin by working internally and moving toward the external. This movement deepens our work as we discover how to use our physical bodies as a doorway to all the worlds of man. 


Class 1

As we begin to explore intention, we activate our imaginations and start to visualize our movement. This imagined movement helps us create internal balance in our bodies. 

Can you manifest spirit through your body? 

Ready to find out …?

Class 2

We begin using the identity and intention of each intermediary, or keeper, to inform our practice. Examining each exercise, we see how its identity and intent inform our internal space. We also see how communication begins to flow from this space, through the intermediary. This gives us a deeper understanding of the relationships between the internal and external.

Class 3

We continue with the elements we created in class 2. Working with the identity (what) and the intent (why) of each intermediary, we continue to deepen our understanding of the tools needed to become a NIASZIIHbodyworker. 

Class 4

During this class we see how each part of the work is meant to be transcended as we move toward the external. We ask, "What is the best way to work with each client? What are we listening for? How does the client's psychology dictate how we will communicate with them? How do we hold intention in order to offer our clients the possibility of feeling a different perspective within their physical bodies?"